Why us?

With more than 800 tailor shops in Hoi An, many travelers have wondered “How do I find the best tailor in Hoi An?” Frankly, not many can offer quality clothes at great prices like we do. Let us explain.

Great team

From a small cottage industry, Mrs Lee Tailors now has a dedicated team of 16 tailors to satisfy my large client base and who are like our family. We also have a team of 10 quality controllers who oversee production to ensure perfection for you.

Quality Fabrics

At Mrs Lee’s, we have one of the largest selections of fabrics in Hoi An. We are sure our customers will find the fabrics to make the clothes of their dreams! We source most of our fabrics overseas, from Italy, Australia, Canada and England.


Our sales staff are highly trained and experienced enough to offer advice that suits your needs. We also have visual samples to help customers understand and choose every detail of their blazer, trousers or shirt.

Dana Coman

Dana Coman

My husband and I were very happy with the clothing we had made at Trung Duc Tailor. I had a trench coat made and my husband had three suits, a sport coat and 8 shirts. We would definitely recommend this tailor. The women that work there are so friendly and professional. We will definitely come back for more clothing next time we visit Hoi An.

Anna Lithgow

Anna Lithgow

I highly recommend Trung Duc to visitors to Hoi an. I had 3 fabulous dresses, two skirts and four tops made. The dresses and skirts were beautifully copied from favourite dresses I brought along using my own fabric. The tops were made out of local silk. All are as good or better than the originals. Thank you everyone!!!

Marc Undergrowth

Marc Undergrowth

We went to Trung Duc on the recommendation of our tour guide. It didn’t disappoint! Clothes made were very high quality we had shirts, jackets, dresses and pants made to measure. Extremely quick turn around too. Including one fitting session and free delivery to hotel. Service was excellent! Was a great experience. Would definitely use them again.

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