Welcome to my new site, previously known as Trung Duc E-Tailor. My name is Mrs Lee. Together with a new website, I have renamed my business “Mrs Lee E-Tailor” which is much easier to remember for my overseas clients who all affectionately know me as “Mrs Lee”.
I have operated my tailoring business in Hoi An together with my husband, for over 15 years. Both my husband and I are Hoi An tailors learning the craft many years ago from master tailors.

From a small cottage industry, Mrs Lee Tailors now has a dedicated team of 16 tailors to satisfy my large client base and who are like our family. We also have a team of 10 quality controllers who oversee production to ensure perfection for you. Their role is to source and order fine material to ensure quality. This dedicated team does not mean that my prices are high. Indeed you will find my prices more competitive than many other tailors. I value my clients and my reputation is my livelihood and that of my team. We also have a team within our store to measure you up and help you with a design and material selection, but I personally see every customer.

At Mrs Lee’s, we have one of the largest selections of fabrics in Hoi An. We are sure our customers will find the fabrics to make the clothes of their dreams! Contrary to popular belief, we source most of our fabrics overseas, from Italy, the home of beautiful and exquisite fabrics to beautiful woollens from Australia (which pleases and surprises my many Australian clients), Canada and England.

Our customers have been so happy with our tailored clothing that word of mouth recommendations are our number one source of new customers with clients from all over the world, who frequently return for more garments, refer family and friends or who order through our email service. We keep all your measurements for 5 years.


This is very simple and “old fashioned”. We love what we do. Tailoring is a “craft” sadly lacking in our modern world. It takes many years to be a good tailor. It is said a master tailor can make the Hunch Back of Notre Dame appear straight! A master tailors fingers are worth gold. A good suite whether for a man or a woman should not look like it is hanging on a clothes hanger. It should portray elegance, regardless of body type. It should feel natural, a perfect fit. This is the skill, the craft, and we will persist until we get it right and you are happy. Then and only then are we happy.